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Protein Supplements

Protein Supplements


Protein performs a number of vital metabolic processes in the body, including tissue repair and muscle hypertrophy (growth). If you’re an athlete or bodybuilder, you’re likely to have higher protein requirements than the general population. Protein powders can help to provide the levels you need in order to maximise your training and workout performance.

Athletes and bodybuilders may need protein levels of 50%-100% greater than most people. However this is often difficult to achieve through diet, without overloading on energy intake or eating beyond appetite levels. PROTEIN POWDER taken in the form of drinks or shakes helps to fulfil the requirement for quick protein intake – something that may be particularly important during the post-exercise recovery period for muscle repair and rebuilding.

Protein powders come in various forms and flavours to suit your individual protein requirements, goals, taste, preference, and of course, budget. They include the following:

Whey protein isolate – a fast-acting and nearly pure protein powder derived from the whey component of milk proteins.

Whey protein concentrate – a combination of around 60%-80% whey protein blended with some fats and lactose.

Protein blends – combinations of different proteins and other nutrients and compounds.

Casein powders – slow-release protein supplements derived from the milk protein casein.

Egg albumin – high biological value protein from egg white.

Soy – a vegetable source of quality protein.

Hydrolysed proteins – fast-acting proteins treated with enzymes to break them into smaller components.

Protein for weight loss or for weight gain – supplements containing proteins and compounds to promote fat burning, or weight gain.

Protein supplements for women – designed for the unique needs of women, and may include nutrients such as vitamin B6 and iron.