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Pre Workout

Pre Workout

Perhaps the most sort after supplement on the planet today. Pre workout supplements are designed for 3 main purposes;

  1. Increase blood flow (and therefore nutrients) to working muscles
  2. Improve energy and fight fatigue
  3. Improve the capacity to train increasing;
  • create microscopic muscle tears and produce more lean mass

Higher intensity cardio burning more fat tissue
Most Pre Workouts contain Arginine (including AAKG), Ciruline, amino acids and caffeine as a base. Arginine produces Nitric Oxide (NO) Nitric oxide is a molecule consisting of one atom of nitrogen and one atom of oxygen. The production of nitric oxide occurs when the amino acid l-arginine is converted into l-citruline through an enzyme group known as nitric oxide synthase (nos).

Nitric oxide controls the circulation of blood, transmits messages between nerve cells, is a mediator of inflammation and is associated with the process of feeling pain, muscle growth and the dilation of blood vessels. 

The fact that nitric oxide increases blood flow should make it of interest to bodybuilders, as increased blood flow will serve to deliver more nutrients to muscles, thus helping muscles become larger when subject to stress - a muscle pump that remains in its post-exercise, blood-engorged, rock-hard condition all day long. The fact that nitric oxide acts to reduce inflammation should also make it of interest to bodybuilders as it has the potential to reduce the pain associated with subjecting muscles to extreme stress. 

Nitric oxide also affects the endocrine system. It affects the release of gonadotroptin releasing hormone, as well as the release of adrenaline from the adrenal medulla.