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Condense is a Pre Workout manufactured by Purus Labs. It is designed to help provide a pre-training advantage by increasing mental focus, muscle performance, endurance and blood flow. This creates an environment optimal for increasing muscle mass and losing body fat. Condense is a pre workout supplement that enhances the workout and exercise experience for athletes.

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PURUS LABS – ‘CONDENSE’ Condense is more along the lines of a ’minimalist’ pre workout supplement. This in all honesty is my favourite type of pre workout supplement. This means you get a more optimal dose of each effective ingredient as opposed to some other pre workouts, where you can get a large list of ingredients but find them in small, less than optimal doses – sometimes the simpler; the better.


PUMP: We all love a pre workout supplements ability to induce a good pump and our judgement of its effectiveness will depend on how many veins we see in our workouts. Most pre workouts contain your ‘A Typical’ vaso-dilators such as Citrulline Malate, your various forms of Arginine; most pre workouts generally have a few in their ingredient profiles. CONDENSE contains just one vaso dilator called ‘NITRATENE’. ‘NITRATENE’ is trademarked ‘high molecular yield nitrate’. Nitrate is found in Beet root etc. and plays a critical role in cardio vascular health and Nitric Oxide production (inducing an epic pump). It does this through a more optimal pathway than Arginine (in my opinion) making it potentially a much more effective vaso-dilator.


KICK: Caffeine is the only stimulant contained in CONDENSE. Caffeine obviously is the most used and effective stimulant for aiding in exercise performance. It gives us alertness, aids cognition, increases our motivation to train – plus a cohort of other benefits. One scoop of CONDENSE will give you 200mgs of caffeine – which is enough to give you an impressive hit of stimulation – but for those stimulant junkies then 2 scoops (400mgs of caffeine obviously) is enough to cater for your needs, and maybe then some.


TINGLES: People always rave about a pre workout supplements ability to give you tingles and make you itch. Most supplement fans know that Beta Alanine is the ingredient in pre workout supplements responsible for the aforementioned tingles; and that making you itch like a junkie isn’t the only thing it does, it can have massive benefits on your training. Beta Alanine is an ingredient that works to form muscle ‘carnosine’. Carnosine buffers the acid build-up that occurs during exercise. This buffering works enhancing your exercise performance and muscular endurance; leading to a greater work capacity in the gym. While many pre workouts are under-dosed in Beta Alanine, CONDENSE contains a solid 2000mg per scoop. This falls nicely in the parameters of an effective dose which is anywhere between 2000mg – 4000mg. So for those taking 2 scoops, you are getting right in the upper range dosages of Beta Alanine.


PS: And just to clarify, the tingling is just a thing called ‘paraesthesia’. It’s perfectly safe, and will subside.


NO CREATINE, BETAINE ANHYDROUS INSTEAD: 99% of pre workouts contain Creatine. While Creatine is one of the most effective ergogenic aids, in pre workouts, again it is typically under-dosed. CONDENSE contains NO Creatine at all; instead PURUS opted for Betaine Anhydrous instead (Betaine was also in the infamous ‘Craze’ by Driven Sports). Betaine, found in Beet juice, can serve to protect against cell dehydration, which makes the cell more resilient against stressors. Betaine is also an Ergogenic aid, and has been shown in to increase performance and power in the gym.


ELECTROLYTES: Electrolytes are very rarely found in pre workout supplements. To cut a long story short Electrolytes help keep charge balances across cell membranes. ’Electrolytes’ can be lost during strenuous exercise; so supplementing them in helps ensure you are optimally hydrated and have correct blood volume during training.


TASTE: To be totally honest CONDENSE is probably one of, if not the best tasting pre workout I have ever consumed. All flavours they do are insane, my favourite being their Apple. As far as pre workouts tastes are concerned I give it a 9.8/10.


MIXABILITY: Well CONDENSE mixes up 10/10 for a pre workout. It doesn’t contain Creatines so, none of that creatine sediment at the bottom that can sometimes be found. It mixes instantly and not a single chunk was found that day.


EFFECT: I felt awesome on CONDENSE. I had the perfect amount of stimulation. I didn’t feel anything close to nauseas – it sat in my stomach perfect. I felt in the perfect mindset to train, and as if I could train for hours. My endurance was awesome and got one of the best pumps I have had in ages, seeing veins in places I haven’t seen them for a long time (and that wasn’t because I have got leaner, I am on a strong bulk). I didn’t crash after either and I took it in the morning – which as an awesome thing for those that train mornings and not wanting to fall to sleep on their desks around 1pm. I give it 8.5/10 for pump, and 9.2/10 for general effect whilst training on it.


IN SUMMARY:CONDENSE is an awesome pre workout and whilst new it has quickly jumped to close to the top of my favourite pre workout supplements ever list. The folks at PURUS labs are obviously very smart and know how to formulate like bosses. The brilliant thing is that it contains no unnecessary ingredients what-so-ever. Every ingredient serves an important purpose, is found in correct doses, and they are scientifically validated to boot. The pump is epic, the taste is up there with the best in the business, there are no nasty side effects, and it goes down a treat. This is how a pre workout should be formulated and CONDENSE really leads the pack in regards to effective, no bull-shit, minimalistic pre workouts. On top of being an epic pre workout for the gym, I can see it, based on its range of ingredients, and their doses, being an awesome pre workout for sports people – whether it be pre training or game. Its mix-ability, and ability to not sit wrong in your stomach also mean if you are consuming it pre game, you don’t run the risk of it making you feel crook mid-game or training.


Overall I give it 9.8/10.

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