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Generate by LG Sciences

Optimize Growth Hormone Levels and aid in Recovery & Focus


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With proven increased muscle mass, improved muscle recovery rates, boosted fat loss and body recompositioning, increased sleep quality, and improved sexual performance, GHenerate by LG Science is without a doubt, king of potentiator supplementation.

GHenerate by LG Science is being praised as the next sensation in focus and recovery by the leaders of the nutrition and supplement industry. Recognized for their proven track record of being only the best supplements to the market, LG Sciences’ latest Generate brings a powerfully effective and proven safe way to recover from exercise faster, improve sleep, shed excess body fat, and increase mental clarity and focus. GHenerate produces optimal GH levels that serve to counter the effects of over training, and every day stress and strain. Restorative sleep is one of the best ways to recover from an intense workout, and GHenerate by LG Science gives you that and more.

This is not the first time LG Science has shown up to the big show and delivered beyond everyone’s expectations. They have done it repeatedly with exceptional products such as No Infuse for vasodilatation and expansive muscle growth, Postal for increased muscle volume and speedy recovery time, and Trifecta Stack for increased muscle mass, strength and focus, GHenerate by LG Science delivers profound fat loss, increased alertness and energy, and elevated mood to power you through not only your workout but through your muscle building process.

GHenerate is a potentiator that addresses both the GHRH and GHRP pathways that offer amazing body recomposition and appetite increasing effects that were experienced by LG Sciences testers. Generate’s proprietary blend of special ingredients delivers an increased percentage of purearine; a powerful nutrient extracted from the prized Kudzu plant. As most bodybuilders know, HGH is the hormone naturally produced in the body that is vital in growing and producing massive pumps for massive muscles. An added benefit of HGH andGenerate specifically, is increased sexual performance due to increased erection, enhanced muscle tone, increased stamina during your workout and after, and a youthful looking body that defies age and gravity. To ensure GHenerate is the best potentiator on the market, LG Science linked puerarine to cyclodextrine to boost HGH production giving the user enhanced body fat reduction, optimal sleep, reduced muscle time recovery, and an overall feeling of wellness. Increased focus and concentration from GHenerate by LG Science is clean, with no adverse side effects like sleeplessness, the jitters, or crashing. 

GHenerate by LG Science is available in a convenient oral spray that provides everything you need for mental clarity, super muscle pumps, and great recovery time in just a few quick pumps. Because GHenerate comes in a spray, the special blend of clinically proven ingredients hit your system fast with easy absorption. With faster absorption into the blood stream, you get the results you desire delivered at a faster rate of speed. No waiting around for GHenerate to take effect. This is an exceptional quality especially when it comes to muscle recovery. The shorter the recover time, the faster you’ll be able to get back into the gym and build bigger, stronger more massive muscles. LG Science recommends GHenerate potentiator be used twice a day prior to workout and before going to bed.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Package Quantity No
Serving Size 6 Sprays = Approx 1ml
Number of Servings 120

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